Netbook VS PDA

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. On your left you have the Ubisurfer Netbook with a one year free GPRS Internet and on your right you have a Dell Axim x30 Pocket PC with no free GPRS Internet. Please be warned the the key information part is based on my views and experience, so do not moan if it is not the same as yours.

So, lets get this fight under away starting with the Ubisurfer in the left hand corner.

Ubisurfer 7

The Ubisurfer 7 is a netbook that does exactly as it says and that is to surf the Internet on. Now, it isn’t a good system to do much on it but to be honest it is a very good system in just browsing the Internet on, use IM clients and on one of the best things about it is that it comes with a free year Internet using Vodafone mobile connection so it is good to use if you are on the go.Ubisurfer 7

Some key information about Ubisurfer 7

  • Free one year internet access (GPRS) using Vodafone.
  • Built in wifi connector.
  • Little flash storage.
  • OS: Linux (unknown distro).
  • Software: Browser and basic office package and e-mails.
  • Black and small.
  • Good battery life.
  • Keyboard: Too close together and hard to use.
  • 128mb RAM made it hard to use.
  • Feels good and seems to have been made quite solid.
  • Price: £150

Overall: 7/10

Dell Axim x30

The Dell Axim x30 – My trusty PDA. Originally brought by a friend of mine, the Dell Axim x30 is seen as one of the best of Dell products. Comes with bluetooth and an internal wifi card and is able to browser the Internet using the internal web browser and also can download e-mails with the internal mail client. Also comes with basic office package and is ideal for when you are on the go.

Although mine has been modded to work with a GPRS connection, this PDA is useful if you are about the place and are near a wifi connection. The Dell Axim can have new software installed like PuTTY or gaming emulators as long as it works for Windows Mobile 2003. If you are chatting to me and my replies seems to be a bit slow and this is what I am using..Dell Axim x30

Some key information about the Dell Axim x30

  • Selected models has wifi.
  • Bluetooth with most bluetooth profiles.
  • Microsoft ® Windows Mobile 2003 SE.
  • Comes with basic office packages.
  • Little internal memory but accepts 4GB SD Cards.
  • Good battery life.
  • Smaller then the netbook.
  • Handheld.
  • Can charge via USB.
  • Turns on every 5 minutes but only during the night and only the bright blue light (aka bluetooth) for little reasons indeed (okay, it is checking my e-mails).
  • Handy button too turn of wifi which also turns of bluetooth at the same time.
  • Price: £30 on eBay (no idea of original price).

Overall: 9/10

And now for the sake of it, a quick run down and review of my trusty laptop.

HP Pavilion dv9000

The HP Pavilion dv9000 was a very powerful system and a very useful one at that. They looked good, they ran good and they felt good. However, these systems was doomed from the very start.

Now, this was my primary laptop that I used for everything until that one morning it would just beep when booting on. Even though of all the problems, it is just the system I like to use and as of writing this article, it is off to be repaired.HP Pavilion dv9000

Some key information about HP Pavilion dv9000

  • Boots when happy. Shoots fan blades out when not happy.
  • Motherboard chips are cooked – really !!!
  • Screen can suddenly come to earth.
  • HDD Size: 250GB Sata and can have an extra.
  • Wifi comes and go mostly goes when there is a connection and comes when there is not.
  • Comes with Windows Vista.
  • Co-processor – Where the fuck are you !!!
  • Will commit suicide when finally boots.
  • Loves to burn your skin if you touch the bottom.
  • You know fate has it in for you when it decides to talk to you in the form of “beeps”.
  • HP Support Team seems to disappear randomly when the words “HP”, “Pavilion”, “dv9000” are used in that order.
  • Surprised – The DVD drive still works !!!
  • SD card reader that works still.
  • Comes with a remote control which eats the battery in seconds.
  • Comes with a modem port that no one uses anymore.
  • It only working feature – BLUETOOTH
  • Touchpad that does not like being touched and will fuck about at the slightest hint of work.
  • Can also be used as a undercover weapon as the fan suddenly shots off from the motherboard and the only hint that it happened is either the massive fire coming out of the laptop or a massive noise when it hits the case like in my case.
  • The power supply is currently deciding that unless you hang it from the ceiling wrapped around the gates of hell that it will not supply any power in any shape or form.
  • It lives on a diet of the total amount of electric from the national grid and loves to run a bill up for you. It even will take you to the page to pay for it if you forget.
  • Battery life is ok, I guess.
  • HP Quickplay never worked for me.
  • But hey, at least it played games okay.
  • Cost: $1000

After seeing all the facts above, the winner is ….

The Dell Axim and only because it is mine that actually still work

16 thoughts on “Netbook VS PDA

  1. Popmanw

    In other words, you don't get on with technology Matt!

    LOL I remember the noise your HP laptop made when you brought it round. How is that going BTW, HP etc ?

  2. popmanw

    Least it's working, for now LOL.

    No more excuses not to sort this and that out on our joint website now 😀

    [Touch wood] Nothing has gone wrong with my PC technology to date. So neh neh NEH NEH nehhhhhh!!! :p

  3. AMGitsKriss

    No Matt, I've not upgraded my PC once (unless you count putting in an extra Hard Drive, but that hardly affects performance.) since I brought it 3 years ago.. By modern computer-lifespan-standards, it should be well and truely dead by now..

  4. Kaiser

    I can say couple of things about both pda and laptops but im not going to get into it.

    But some of these comments are pretty funny but some are completly stupid.

    Good to hear that you will be obtaining your laptop back. Do tell if its working and hasn't "Assassinated" anyone yet

  5. blackstar

    Incase anyone took what I said the wrong way, let me just explain.

    When I said assassination of the laptop was comedy gold, I meant assassination of character, meaning Matt saying the laptop was bad, not meaning the laptop almost killed him.

    I just wanted to clear that up for those thinking otherwise.

    1. Wild Cat

      When I said assassination of the laptop was comedy gold, I meant assassination of character, meaning Matt saying the laptop was bad, not meaning the laptop almost killed him.

      hmm…….. I would have understood "assassination of laptop" that he killed the laptop :S…. I would never have read it as "the aptop killed him"…… as that would have been said as "Assassination of Matt by the laptop" (see the difference in grammar?) 😉

      1. Wild Cat

        I was just saying it incase some people thought I meant something different>

        It didn't make sense why you explained what you meant until I read all the comments again….

        still…… don't think that anyone else misunderstood what you said 😉

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