“I refuse to STAND in line”

Another day of hearing crap, listen to this.

So the other day I was standing in line at a Government building awaiting to meet up with someone when this foreigner walked into the building. Now that in itself was not surprising and heck, there is not really anything wrong with that but it was the next bit that happened was the interesting bit.

Me standing in a line and not being an arse to everyone else.

Random person walks behind me.

Random person going on about "shitty" English people and having to stand behind them when he should be going first because English people to him are second rate people and this has now started to get  too long.

Do not get me wrong, I would prefer a world where anyone can travel anywhere and live, but if you come over to a country then expect to see their people, their culture and their way of living and do not go bitching when you suddenly meet up with the people that has been living there way longer then you.

So that’s my rant for the week, not a lot but a few pretty pictures. So to sum up – if you go anywhere for any reasons, respect the people and culture over there and no one will actually give a shit that you are there.

One thought on ““I refuse to STAND in line”

  1. AnyMouse

    The amount of times I go to Grantham, and can only ever hear foreigners.

    I don't understand, why can't they just leave. I want to be able to walk around town witthout the following:

    Smokers standing outside pubs, shops and the bus station.

    Foreigners standing in door ways talking a load of crap in a language that shouldn't be in this country.

    Not to mention all tho other morons stood in doorways attempting to merge texting with real words. I heard not to long ago, someone attempted a conversation with the same amount of effort that would go into a text.

    Oh and if you go to the Job Centre you're more than likely to come accross even more foreigners than usual.

    Alos have you ever noticed those posters in specific locations: aka hostpitals, doctors and even the Job Centre.

    The posters I am on about are the ones that say "Please turn off your Phones". The amount of morons incapable of such a simple task, is immeasurable.

    Well I am off to watch a movie because the world is fucked up, and no one will do anything about it.


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